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'Send Me Something': the Art of Being Prepared

Tuesday June 7, 2022 9:00 am - 1:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Workshop Cost: $63.00


250-352-1933 ext 100

Where: Community Futures Central Kootenay  

When a customer says, “send me something”, it means they’re interested in your business, but they want more details before they commit. Sending a timely response is key, so you’d better have something prepared.  
In this workshop, Chris Holland gets you thinking about what to send to get results and make the sale.


Name: Chris Holland
Company: Juggernaut Marketing

Chris Holland is a business marketing consultant for his own business, Juggernaut Marketing and Communications. He has been an instructor at Community Futures Central Kootenay since 2004 and his feedback always mentions his enthusiasm for marketing and his happiness to help. He has worked with entrepreneurs, social enterprises, community organizations, educational institutions and national corporations providing a unique mix of inspiration, education and action. Residing in the Kootenays, Chris has cultivated his knowledge and experience to truly live the fusion life.

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