Writing Email Newsletters That Connect (webinar)

Wednesday June 1, 2022 9:00 am - 1:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Workshop Cost: $63.00


Writing Email Newsletters That Connect (webinar)
250-352-1933 ext 100

Where: Community Futures Central Kootenay   Nelson BC

No matter your business, you know you need to be sending out regular emails to your clients and customers to keep them informed, engaged with your offerings and connected to what makes your business unique. But what to write? In this workshop we will write up an effective welcoming sequence that begins the relationship building process in a way that speaks to your values as a business. We’ll also move on to creating an email newsletter schedule, and ideas on what to share in these regular touch points to your customers.

Registration deadline: May 27


Name: Kathleen Stowell
Company: Bliss Beyond Naptime

Kathy Stowell is a life and online business coach for coaches, counselors and other one on one service providers. She helps her clients get fully booked without getting fully burned-out. With her background as both a simplicity and creativity coach, her superpowers include sniffing out the over-complicated so you can build the business of your dreams online with ease, self-confidence and profit.

She lives in Nelson with her husband, two teenagers and two mini-dachshunds. She loves Game of Thrones, jigsaw puzzles and drinking triple shot breves.

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